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Event for a small group of our lovely clients :)

Local, Organic and made from scratch with Love! We most often roast and glaze the nuts on own own starting with high quality raw organic nuts, but if not, we opt. for the delicious organic nuts pictured above. Locally produced cheese, sausage, crackers, onions, and herbs are such a treat in February.  This meal was accompanied by Organic Spring Pea with Local Mint and Cream and Our Special Croutons (made from locally crafted bread). As well as Local Greens Salad and our Lemon Garlic Chicken. Thank you Steve for all that did to make this happen :) ... And to all the folks at the Greenfield Co-op (Kimmie you rock!) --->

Next blog update will include our finds from the Verrado Farmer's Market just outside of Phoenix, AZ.

Painter's Birthday Cake #hack

Painter's Birthday Cake #hack:  
1. Bake a Cake of your choice in an oval baking roasting pan.
2.Chocolate frosting the whole cake, then Vanilla frosting for the top only  (save confetti topping for child to add themselves) paints and brushes (wash sealed containers and brushes handles) press into the top of cake creating a painter's pallet.

bonus #hacks:
~ If you don't have a roasting pan,  cut an oval out of 9x11 cake.
~freeze cake before frosting to prevent crumbs.
~ leave off the candy confetti for a cake free of food coloring.

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Here at Heirloom Catering we have been dreaming and planning all winter... Which led into planting and foraging this spring, as well as making our first batches of house made maple syrup! As usual we will offer the best in local foods this season, but in addition we also have options from our own garden and lands. First of the season will bring radishes, ramp pesto, and multiple varieties of fresh herbs, peas, and greens! Stay tuned for more updates from our garden as the weather continues to get warmer.